Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mystery Boat Answer

An UPDATE on the correct movie...I made a very big boo-boo on this and am writing to let everyone know that it wasn't the movie "Overboard" that this boat "starred" in, but "Captain Ron" with Kurt Russell and Martin Short. Goldie wasn't even in this movie. I just recently saw the "Capt. Ron" movie and it was a hoot. So glad I finally got to see it and realize that the beautiful old boat was in this one, not "Overboard". Hope that sets the record straight. :)

Seems I left out a very important piece of information on the last post...the ANSWER to which boat is in our marina. Sorry about that.

Ok...drum roll, please! The mystery boat in our marina is the boat that "starred" in the movie "Overboard" with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. (WRONG!!!) If you saw the movie, you'll recognize the boat...and  if you saw the movie, you'll also know that it wasn't that great of a movie. :) (No offense Kurt and Goldie). (See the movie, "Captain Ron") But still, the boat's the star here and I give her credit for being such a lovely old girl.

There is another boat in this marina that also starred in that movie and she is in A-1 condition. It's used as a charter boat to take people on day cruises. She is a sight to see. I love this boat!

Also love the guy in the hubby

Isn't this a gorgeous boat? Not sure of exacty size, but at least 50'...probably more. Apparently there were 5 boats that were in the movie altogether and 2 of them are here in this marina. This is beauty, but the true one, the beast, is the boat I showed in the first post...the rougher looking one. She's the true star! you know the rest of the story. ;) And I hope you got the update, at the beginning, because that's the REAL rest of the story!!

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