Sunday, March 24, 2013

Doing "Bright-Work"...Doh!

After Paul returned from his adventure across the Gulf, we decided it was time to start working on the teak around the outside of the boat. It didn't look horrible, but it definitely needed a face lift. We looked up the different types of marine varnish, and went to several stores checking them out and talking with the store clerks about the best way to approach this task. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

A Wet and Wild Adventure

We have had the pleasure of meeting a couple here at our Marina, Rick and Peggy, who were in the process of getting everything ready on their boat for a trip from here, across the Gulf, to Tampa, Florida. A friend of theirs, John, flew in to be a member of their crew for the journey, but they needed a fourth member, so they asked Paul if he would crew with them. 

Getting the boat ready for sail
The day that John flew in, we all went to dinner along with another Marina friend, Dave, and discussed their journey. Unfortunately, the trip kept being postponed because of the high winds, which caused the water in the marina to be extremely low. Galveston Bay was very low as well and all the boats in the marina were stuck in the muck and mud. Rick and Peggy's boat was no exception. Their boat, which has a  5’6” draft, was most definitely stuck in the mud and wasn't going anywhere until the water levels rose. Several days later, Tuesday, February 26, at 7:30 am, Rick came knocking on our boat and said as soon as Paul was ready, they were going to go for it. The high tide had raised the water level to a height that just barely allowed them to get out into the Bay. So, Paul scurried to get ready while I got the camera. It took them about 15 minutes to get everything in order, and do a safety check, on the boat before they shoved off. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sailing in the Galveston Bay

Our insurance, Lloyds of London, required us to have a licensed captain verify Paul’s expertise before we can take off on our own. Therefore, we called Paul’s previous sailing school, which is only across the lake from us, and they punished Captain Adele by having her go out with us.  

Sewing Classes in February

Paul went on a cruise with some folks in our marina for a week (see next post on our blog for story). While he was gone, I finished up a sewing course that I had found out from a friend through a friend through another friend. It's amazing how one thing leads to another and to another and another? That seems to be how we have met all our "helpers" on the boat since we've been here. It's also how I found my wonderful sewing teacher, Barbara.