Sunday, October 25, 2015

Returning to the Blog!

Since 2013 we have been on "hold" status for our departure from Kemah, TX. First, Paul has had numerous health problems, ranging from cancer, to hernia to shingles.

Then it was my turn. My annual exam turned into a major ordeal. Many tests later, it turns out I'm good to go, except for using a CPAP machine. And that says CPAP, not CRAP...but that's how I felt after I learned I needed to use one).After 2 sleep tests, it was determined that I get much more rest and fewer apneic episodes by using the machine. I have terrible sleep apnea (which I knew) and it has been the cause of my tiredness and low energy for the past several years (which I didn't know). This machine controls a certain amount of pressured air that flows through your nose constantly all night, going down the airway to prevent your tongue and breathing mechanism from collapsing onto the back of the throat, thereby allowing air to continue on to the lungs. Apparently, my throat was being blocked at night, and, because my lungs weren't getting air, my heart would do crazy things...such as; beating too fast (aka: arrhythmia), and I would wake up completely out of breath and feeling like I was dying. This has happened to me for years and it's always been scary. My doc informed me that it's actually hard on the heart to continually be out of breath. Good to know. Therefore, I'm am being religious in using my new CPAP machine. Gotta' keep the ticker going, at least for another 20 years would be good!

Here's the catch! Medicare won't pay for it unless I go in for a final evaluation in one month's time to see if the CPAP machine is helping. I got the machine on the 21st of October. We were planning on leaving October 25th (today!). Now it means we have to wait until November 21st before we leave so I can go in for the appt. Oh well, maybe the weather will be more gentle in November! At least, one can hope!!

So, here we still are...since 2012, sitting in Waterford Harbor Marina. Can't say it hasn't been good, though. We've really enjoyed our time living here. Have enjoyed our live aboard friends and we're in a lovely marina. It's all good!

A week ago we returned from a "farewell to relatives" road trip up to Midland, TX to visit and stay with my older brother, Steve, and my sis-in-law, Karen. It was great spending quality time, if not quantity. We drove up to Lubbock, TX to see my mom and younger brother, Phil, who both seemed to be doing pretty well. My brother had lost about 70 lbs of weight...hardly recognized him! Mom was talking more than normal, too! We all needed that time together. I can't even begin to say in words how important and special it was seeing my mom and brothers/sis-in-law again. They are, each of them, strong influences in my life and I love them all dearly.

Our next jaunt on the road was from Midland, TX all the way over to Baton Rouge, LA, to see our son, daughter-in-law, and grandkids. We arrived Sunday p.m. and left Tuesday a.m. Chris, our son, was in California on a job, but our daughter-in-law, Michelle, and grandkids were there to greet us. Michelle had made her homemade Gumbo for dinner, which was warming and delicious. She had also invited a couple who owns several boats over the following evening for dinner. Of course, we all talked "boats" and "boat experiences". Fun! Micelle had some books for us, which was great! We both read a ton, so appreciate any new titles and series.

Grandchildren! Once again, the illusive nature of time played tricks on our minds. It was hard to grasp how big our g-kids had become and how fast they had arrived there!! Now both teenagers, Brandon is driving, and Ashley, the younger of the two, is learning. Yesterday they were but wee little ones, crawling all over me. I miss that, yet, there is still sweetness in them at this age as well. It's a little more reserved, but the love is still there. So good to be with all three of them again. We're so fortunate to have these wonderful people in our life.

On the way home from Baton Rouge, we stopped at the Bayou Rum Brewery and took the tour, enjoying it and the 4 shots at the end. Bought us a couple of bottles of the Spiced Rum for our Sundowners on the boat and were on our merry way home to Kemah!

Now we're back on the boat, and rocking wildly due to the remnant winds of Hurricane Patricia, which are blowing strongly! Lots of rain along with it, and flooding as well. (Good thing we didn't leave today, huh?) Paul and I are spending this time buying our needed supplies for the boat on the inet. Just bought our Freya Guide book to Mexico, Belize, and the Rio Dulce area in Guatemala. I also found a good book called "Spanish for Cruisers" which may be a handy tool at some point. Paul ordered us a new drinking water faucet to go with our water filtration system and we'll be picking up some new boat batteries next week. We bought a used SSB receiver so we can listen to Chris Parker's weather reports, and Paul will be installing a new macerator pump. We're hoping these will be all the fixes that we'll need for sometime. Then it's a matter of stocking the boat with food, and away we'll go! (Knock on wood!! Break a leg!! God Willing!!)

I'll be updating the site as we get nearer to our departure date.

Until then, 

Mackerel scales and mares tails make tall ships to lower sails. 
(I like this saying, and I saw these skies recently...a good rhyme to remember!)