Friday, July 26, 2013

Our New Boat Name

Hi everyone,

Well, after two months of not posting on our blog, (more now, since this post was originally sent out July 1st, and it wouldn't save onto our blog site for some reason...hopefully this doesn't happen again) it's time to update with some pics of our boat proudly bearing her new name. She is now our "Sea Casa". Our Sea Home. Mi Casa es Sea Casa!!!

Ok, so we didn't do the traditional ceremony...getting a virgin to urinate off the bow of the boat at midnight, then everyone drinking champagne...let's hope that won't doom us to a visit to Davy Jone's Locker anytime soon!!

However, we did get rid of all the old things on the boat that had the previous name on them...AND I had my own little personal ceremony where I burned sage as in the Native American tradition and smudged the entire boat so that "Sea Casa" was given a "tabula rasa" to allow "2nd Priority" to leave gracefully and "Sea Casa" to begin her new role as our boat. Not that "2nd Priority" had any bad feelings at all, it was well cared for, clean and felt good to us. It simply feels like ours now. Even though she's a 30 year old boat, somehow having our new name makes her feel more special to us, and almost like she's new.

Here are some pics of our boat with her new name:

We thought it was crooked...looked like Casa is leaning down  on the right.  We remeasured and it's straight!! Huh! It's all illusion!!!

In this photo, the name looks straight. 

Note the sun shades hanging from our bimini (the cockpit cover, for those who need to know) they keep the sun out while allowing air to go through. We can see out of them but it's difficult for people to see in, which gives us an element of privacy.  It does keep the sun off, but we wanted it cooler. Thus, we designed and sewed our own canopy. Those pics will be in the next post. 

You can see the bright work is still looking pretty good. Things are getting done.  


We ordered the letters on an online site and did the job ourselves. Turned out pretty good for rookies. We're happy sailors. :) The first try, we actually had some bubbles under the letters but were able to squeeze them out with a plastic razor blade. We got the knack of it, and did much better on the port side. 

Check out my flowers, herbs (rosemary, cilantro, and oregano) and tomatoes. Since we are located on the dock that faces the offices, people come by and comment on how pretty the "garden" is on our boat...both men and women!! Usually the plants are on our boat and dress her up very nicely. I had placed them on the dock in these pics, because we had gone sailing, and they can't go with us. 

The tomatoes have been so sweet and delicious. Wish I could have 3 or 4 plants, but there's not room. They're still green in this pic, but we've eaten them all now, and the plant had enough of this Houston heat and died. 

I'm trying to see if there's a way to have even a few plants on board for when we travel, however, there's really not room that I can of yet. It's such a balancing act on a boat. You have to sift through all the things you want, and then take only the ones that are the most important. Space, (or lack of it) plays a big role in what we want to keep. Most of what we do keep are the essentials, such as clothing, food, tools, and bunch of extras of boat things to have on hand for when the originals might go out. Things such as: fan belts, pumps, impellers for the pump, nuts, bolts, washers, screws, (all stainless steel so they'll last in the salty air), lines (ropes) for tying up the boat, lights for the mast, lights for the front and back of the boat, (navigation lights), lots of alcohol for our alcohol stove, extra hose clamps, fiber glass, catalyst, gel coat, sand paper, etc., etc., etc,. 

So, for now, it's a pleasure for me to enjoy this small garden and reap some of the benefits of fresh herbs and tomatoes while I'm able here at Waterford Harbor Marina. It makes our "Sea Casa" feel more like a real home! 

More news coming! 


  1. I'm so glad for the update. I love the idea of flowers and herbs on the boat to make it feel like home while providing fresh produce.

    The Sea Casa looks beautiful! Y'all are doing a great job on her and I'm overwhelmed thinking about how much you have to learn about living on a boat and at sea. I'm very impressed with you both and happy for your new life.

    1. Hi Pam,
      Thanks for your feedback. Great to hear from you! Hope you're doing well and all the family as well.

      We're happy on the boat, and adjusting to this little space very well. And you're absolutely correct, it's overwhelming at times for us to learn all there is about cruising and living on a boat. We hope we'll do a decent job of it.

      Stay well, give my hellos to all your family, and hugs to all the grand-babies!!


  2. Great name! I was wondering what was going on with you. It sounds like you are getting more and more settled and now with a real home.

    Continued fun adventure for you!


  3. Sea Casa - that is indeed a beautiful name. Most boat owners considered their vessels as their homes, and I think you made a brilliant choice with the name. Well, I hope you are enjoying your new ‘home’. I know that you are contented and happy with that, and as they say, “The home is where the heart is.” - Olivia Taylor