Thursday, April 25, 2013

Winner of the Mystery Boat

Well, Machelle, YOU are the winner!!! I've waited for awhile to see if we got any other responses, and you're definitely the winner. Dang, you're good! And FAST! If you ever get over to Kemah, Texas, come and see this boat. It's truly amazing. We'll take you out for a winner's lunch at the lovely restaurant here in our marina.

Thanks for sending your answer and for following our blog.

Diane and Paul


  1. Well!!!??? What is the answer Diane!!'m waiting over here & dying to know!!!
    You sound so happy and I'm so glad ya'll are making this trip.
    What a dream.....ahhhhh, a boat,the sun and rain, the sea, and meeting nice people on the way!
    Love yall, Linda

  2. Thanks for the info!!! Actually I liked that movie with Goldie Hswn and now I can recognize it. So kewl Diane!!! Happy sails to you until we meet again!

  3. I'm glad you liked the movie, I turned it off after 15 minutes. :) I want to see it again though...all the way through, to see if I can identify the different boats. I'm a boat fanatic now. Love to look at boats. We are still working on fixing things up on ours...and it's slow going because everything costs an arm and a leg for boat materials. Each month we go down our priority list and tick off one or two things. Being on SS is pretty limiting. It will take awhile, but there's not a huge hurry.

    Hope all is well there for you. Is it getting hot in Houston now? Did you get that storm the other night? Wow, that was a wild ride! But it rocked us to sleep and I love that.

    Stay well,