Wednesday, April 17, 2013


We knew this boat was in our marina, but we hadn't seen it until we took our first walk around the marina. This is a very large marina, and we have 19 docks here, with 643 slips and it's spread over a rather large area. It's a small town, really. We have everything we need...except a store, but those aren't far from us, just a few blocks. We have a nice (country club style) restaurant with very good food, we have updated bathrooms and showers (granite counters, etc), the docks and grounds are kept up beautifully, a lovely pool, hot tub, sauna, tennis courts and exercise room. We feel very spoiled, and the price is less than most marinas around the U.S. Yep, spoiled. 

Anyway, in this particular marina is docked a famous old boat. It's in rather a nasty state of disrepair, however. Recently, a couple bought this boat to restore it and, hopefully, bring it back to it's original look. These folks are military folks and a bit younger. We've seen them here working on the boat, so we're hopeful they have the determination and energy to complete the task.

Can you guess who's boat this is and where you've seen it? 

Here she is: 

Isn't she a beauty...I can't wait to see her restored.
Can you guess which boat this is? The answer is coming soon. :D


  1. OOOH OOOH I think I know! Is it the old Captain Ron boat from the movie?

  2. Cool!! Very good! Wish I had a real prize to give you, because that was fast. Well, let's say you have the distinct honor of being the first to know the correct answer. Bravo! ;) There's also another boat here that looks identical to this one, but in immaculate condition called "Wind Song" and she was also in the movie. They used several boats and these two are both here in Kemah, TX. The "Windsong" takes people on charter tours out in the Galveston Bay.

    Where are you from Machelle? Are you a boater? Would love to hear more of YOUR story! Thanks for reading our blog!!!

    Diane and Paul

  3. Captain Ron from what movie? Do you mean the Bogie movie, African Queen???

    Hey Paul and Diane! Glad you see you are still having fun! Are you still thinking of Cuenca?

    I have been doing a (relatively) serious study of South America, considering all the usual suspects, political stability, medical, residency, cost of living, air fare to San Francisco (although who knows how long that will be relevant), middle class (more about stability) and such.

    It has been pretty interesting. Speaking personally, and for much of the States, I think my education about South America was some remarks almost in passing despite being part of the same continent. Interesting that those from the States call themselves "Americans" like they have the market on what it is to be an American!

    Things are going very well at Hummingbird House, gracias a Dios!

    President Obama is coming soon and several of my clients are rushing around getting ready. They are even importing more State Department folks to pull up the slack for all that needs to be done, despite his short stay of about 24 hours. He is also going to Brazil, Chile, one other, I think and maybe Colombia.

  4. What a beautiful website. You can tell alot of work went into this. It makes me want to take out my beach chair, sit along the waterside, and take in the beauty of the earth, sea and sky. Excellent work!!