Monday, October 7, 2013

October nights

Last night while Paul was grilling our hamburgers, we experienced viewing one of the most vivid sunsets we had seen in a while. The reds/oranges/pinks were so intense,  I wanted to reach out and touch it. Have you ever seen a sunset that you could almost taste? That's how this was. Here are some pics:

I particularly enjoyed the reflections on the lovely. Unfortunately, my little camera doesn't do it any justice at all. Plus, I waited till almost the end of it before I remembered to even go get my camera. Previous to these pictures, all of the clouds in the sky were bright and colorful, but I missed catching that. It's still beautiful though.

And here's the next morning:

Blue, blue skies and 64 degree weather. Perfect. Not even a wisp of wind, so not a sailing day. But a good day to enjoy.  Love the October weather!! Wonder what November and December will bring. People say that's when the Northers hit. But that's going to be ok with us, because hopefully it'll help us along as we sail to our destinations. We've decided we may not have the time or the money to add solar panels to our boat, but we can deal with that. Not everyone has them, and those who don't, have done quite well without them. Eventually we can add those. We did find a used dinghy. I'll post some pics of it later. We're almost ready to head out. We're nervous, but anticipating a wonderful journey. Only a month or so more of tieing up all the loose ends. (Or "lines" in this case). Only a few more things to buy...a motor for the dinghy, and making comfortable, sleepable, cusions for the cockpit, a mosquito net for the back of the bimini, and a rain catching system that works for our boat.  Until then, we'll enjoy this lovely weather while we're here at the Waterford Harbor Marina. The best and safest place to be during hurricane weather!

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  1. I witnessed that same sunset from our boat... over Clear Lake!