Friday, September 20, 2013

Out of Sight!!!

Far out! Groovy!!! Too Much!!!!

There are just not enough 60's  exclamations for this sight. Paul and I came up out of our boat the other day (this is called "meercatting") and saw the most amazing thing. We both just started howling with laughter! Wait until you see this!

What's that?


What the heck??!

Oh my goodness, it is a VW Van! How did it get on the water???

Too Much!!! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. 

Look in the window...all new seat covers in the old 60's materials.

Nice bed in the back.

So amazing...beads hanging inside, curtains in retro style.

Feeling the old 60's hippy coming out in me! Far out!!

Ah, here's the heart of the boat, in the back. 

On the back, where the license should be, is the signature of the artist. 


More detail of the psychadelic.

Paul likes it!

Love the front deck...lounge chairs even!

Neat, little boat. 

WOWWWWW! Did this bring back some memories for a lot of people on the docks, including us. A neighbor friend turned on Janis Joplin LOUD, and so many people came down to check her out. She's unique, fixed up very nicely...with lots of retro beads, materials, air brush paintings, etc. and she goes like a power boat. The steering wheel is connected to the rudder so there's your helm, the shifter is connected to the engine, thats the throttle. She's an interesting piece of retro-art, with a high dose of functionality to her. The artists and the mechanic did a great job bringing this "VW Boat" together.  Very clever and quite the conversation piece.  Lots of smiles and laughs on the dock that day.