Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 8th, 2013

Disappointed and yet, Learning about Dehumidifiers

We have found out that the yacht yard, which was supposed to repair our boat before Christmas, wasn't able to get to it and are just now starting on the fixes. Both of us feeling deflated. We had gone through our storage unit two more times to sort through what we'd take on the boat (which we know is still too much) and what to leave in storage. We were ready to move. Now it's another 2 weeks of waiting.

We have been using that time to read up on sailing, check out things we'll need to buy for the best prices, and posting on several sailing sites to pick up more info.

I posted about Dehumidifiers on sailnet.com, because we want to know how to keep our boat smelling fresh and odor free. There's nothing worse than entering a boat that has mold smell. Easy for it to happen, too, from what I've heard.  We don't want to over-react by purchasing too many de-humidifiers, but from the replies to my post, people have mentioned some small ones that can easily be placed in smaller rooms (head, V-berth, galley, bedroom) to keep moisture from gathering in those areas. Might be a good idea to try a group of smaller ones such as these:tp://www.westmarine.com

and for larger dehumidifiers, Amazon.com has some to choose from. (Tried to post the link to amazon, but it wouldn't work for me).

A large dehumidifier comes with the boat but haven't had the chance to try it yet.  Hopefully it will last awhile so we don't have to spend on that item right away.

It's raining here where we're staying in Baton Rouge, LA. It's on the same latitude as Kemah, Tx, where we will be moving in 2 weeks (we hope) and it's doing the same thing there...raining. Lots.
Seems like a poor time to move on a boat...will we get cabin fever? Maybe. Will we get mold? Eeek. Hope not. Good time to find out if the onboard dehumidifier will work!! But there are plenty of things to keep us busy during the rainy days to outfit our boat for sailing. I wonder if people do get cabin fever when the weather keeps them below deck? Maybe that's when the games and bottles come out. :) Note to self: lots of games and wine.


  1. What games do you think we should take on our journey? Anyone else have any ideas?

  2. Hey Diane and Paul,
    Vee's games of choice are Monopoly and Scrabble. We also play a lot of cards, especially 5000 rummy.
    We love the water and our boat and I know you will.
    Vee and I will keep tabs on you.
    Vee and Ronnie

  3. Thanks Ronnie and Vee for the game tips. Paul and I both love Scrabble. I also like Backgammon and Chess. Haven't played Monopoly for years...just remember it taking forever to play. :) Never have played cards much, but have a feeling I'll be learning. Paul's good at those games. We're also taking our guitars, flutes, watercolors, etc. So we should keep ourselves occupied on journeys. It would be good to take as many as possible though, so ideas are welcomed. We hope you two will come and visit us in Waterford Harbor Marina in Kemah!

    Diane and Paul

  4. We used almost nothing that we brought. Far too busy chatting with other cruisers, exploring the places we were, swimming, or reading. Very infrequently played travel-size scrabble, or dice or cards. Just bring what you like to do at home. If you didn't enjoy it there, you won't enjoy it aboard, when there are even more tantalizing distractions.

  5. Visiting with other cruisers will definitely be an ongoing activity, and we do both love to read (have our Kindles), swim and explore, too. While we were living in Ecuador for several months, we played scrabble with the woman who's house we were staying in, and Paul played Bridge with a group there, too. We may just bring a deck of cards, a scrabble game, and of course, our guitars and my watercolors. I understand that we'll be working on the boat a lot, too. We may just end up not using any of those things, but it would be nice to have them, just in case.

  6. Heard from our new friends in Kemah who are staying at Watergate Marina, Wayne and Suzanne. Great to know we'll have some neighbors close by when we move over there. We hope to do some day sailing with them.

    Some good friends of theirs left Kemah awhile back and have been sailing the ICW (Inter Coastal Waterways for those who don't know what that acronym stands for). For others interested in their travels, the blog is:


    Sounds like they're having some amazing experiences...and I have a feeling I'll be the next one to go overboard. :)

  7. we had a puzzle(s)on our boat, would swap them out whenever I got a chance. puzzles are good for rainy days, if you get that mat that allows you to roll them up, than you can store it under the table, with velcro straps. Sherrie

  8. Thanks Sherrie, we may take a few puzzles with us. Good idea.