Saturday, January 19, 2013


We received a phone call yesterday (Jan. 18th) from our broker in Kemah, Tx telling us that our boat was almost completed. They have only to paint the bottom and let it dry, and then we finally get to move aboard!!! We are thrilled!

Now it's a matter of getting everything together here, renting a moving truck, loading it up with what we have left in storage, and driving the 5 hours it takes to get there from Baton Rouge. We also have to line up a storage unit that's fairly close by us. But no problems...we have already contacted folks and have some numbers to call when it's time. we're entirely ready to go, except for the little details. Once we arrive at the boat, we'll be unloading our "boat boxes" on the finger pier to see what we'll be taking on board. It will be interesting to see how much we'll actually be able to squeeze in all the crevices. I have a very strong feeling it will be an eighth of what we've divvied out of ALL our stuff specifically for the boat. We shall see. With what looks like rainy weather for those days, we may be waiting until we have some sunny days before we bring it all on the dock to sort through. 

We've both been doing lots of research, both online, and in books, for different boat topics. Paul has been doing most of the "insurance" and "loan" work. Mine has mostly been related to provisioning and stowage. I have found a fantastic site by two women who have been sailing for quite awhile and have picked up many ideas and tips along the way. I highly recommend it to you who haven't visited this site.  It has more information on it than I can possibly take in after one sitting. I'm a devoted follower of this site now, because it alleves so many of my initial fears on how to outfit this section of the boat. They include so many great ideas on stowing, buying the right containers, what you need and don't need, pots/pans, gadgets to have with you, etc. A wonderful site to pick up a multitude of boating tips. 

Another great site for gathering info, and which I've previously posted is  where you can learn some very useful tips on sailing, living aboard, and informative articles on a variety of topics.

Once I get on board, there will be lots of measuring to figure out what types and sizes of storage bins, containers, and hammocks to purchase for the foods we'll be taking. Just another part of the process for living aboard. Sometimes it's confusing as to what should be done first. As mentioned before, once we get on the boat, we'll start from there to see what needs doing first. Looking forward to the next phase! We'll be posting soon to let you know. Fair winds, everyone!


  1. This won't take my password, so I will go by anonymous!!! :)) I can't wait until yall set sail! Are yall going up the east coast (The Gulf) then to (The Atlantic) What is yall's agenda?
    Bon Voyage!!!

  2. Hi Linda,

    So sorry you aren't able to use your password here. I'll do some checking to see if I can figure out the problem.

    We don't have an agenda for sailing yet, because we're going to work on the boat to update and clean up some things. We also have to have some sailing lessons...especially moi. Paul already has some under his belt, and is a whole lot more knowledgeable than I on this subject. So it's definitely a priority for me to take some classes so I understand more about sailing and boats.

    When we're ready to actually go on a long cruise, we'll probably head down to the Caribbean, but really, who knows? We may be encouraged to go somewhere totally different by that time. :)

    Did you happen to get my latest post in your email, or not? I may have to "friend" you before you can put in your password. Not sure. I'll try it though, and we'll see what happens.

    More later...