Sunday, December 13, 2015

On Our Way

Leaving Kemah

Sunday, December 6th, at about noon, we left Waterford Harbor Marina in Kemah,
TX after 3 years of living on our boat. During that time, there were many doctor
visits that we had not expected and, therefore, lots of  time spent healing. We had quite a few "false" starts when it came to leaving on our journey, and it was hard on us both. There were moments when it seemed as if we'd never go cruising. So, it was with anticipation and some butterflies that we pulled out of our slip to go cruise. We are finally seeing our dream take shape.
Thank you to all our wonderful friends there at the marina (live-aboards and non-live-aboards alike) for making our stay in the marina a much more enjoyable time than it would have been without you being there. People with whom we have spent many fun times, who have come to our rescue repeatedly, and have helped us in the years we have lived in Kemah...saying good bye to you all was more difficult than you know. We had a wonderful get together up at the Pavilion with some of our close friends. Unfortunately, we didn't get pictures of them there. Here are a some shots of the folks who came to the docks to say goodbye and "cheer us on", as we pulled out of Waterford for the last time. Too ALL of you...we carry your friendship with us as we go...and you'll always be with us.
Debbie and Dale, our neighbors

Deb and Dale Kramer
Johnny and Carol to the Right

Johnny, Jenn, Teresa, and Joel
Carol taking a shot of us from the Boardwalk

Ken and Carol Ekenseair

We also had a wonderful surprise when we got out into the fairway when we looked back
to see Kerri and Ross Wenum behind us in their catamaran as they followed us out into Clearlake as our send-off into our new life. How incredible was that? Thanks so much guys!! Don’t have pics of it, darn! 
 The Bay was so calm, like glass almost, thus we had to motor the entire way. We made it to 
Laguna Harbor, up on Bolivar Island in 4 hours. Very peaceful evening there. Our last night to enjoy our 
electricity before cutting it off and going into the Gulf. 

Last shot of Kemah Boardwalk
Laguna Harbor at Bolivar Island
Laguna Harbor
Paul at Laguna Harbor
S/V Sea

Into the Gulf on was mild...very little wind, although we tried to take advantage 
of what wind was there. We eventually gave it up and just motored the entire way. Nevertheless, it was still a beautiful trip. We were escorted out of the Galveston Ship Channel by the dolphins...and I don't care how man times you see them, it's always magical. We saw the water line where the Galveston water ended and the Gulf water began. The stars out in the Gulf were many to see, as opposed to being on land where electricity visually mutes them. No moon, no light, just stars!!
Dolphins...escorting us.

More dolphins

In the Galveston shipping channel

Good bye Galveston

Looking back at the line...Galveston water into the Gulf waters

On the Gulf...watching the sun go down.

No clouds, but a bright sun on the horizon
Two days and two nights with approximately 2-3 hour shifts actually worked our well for us. We both got too tired after more than 3 hours. When we arrived at the mouth of the river, we were both more tired than we thought, growling a little at each other a bit, then we realized it was because we were both wupped!

The Atchafalaya River (pronounced “uh-CHA'-fuh-Lie-uh) which we, of course pronounced incorrectly,
 was huge and long! We went upstream against the current all the way. We arrived in Morgan City 
around 4pm and had to dock in a different docking space since the original city marina was closed
 for reconstruction. Next morning we took the ICW to Houma, LA, where we arrived about 3 pm.
 It’s a lovely little city marina, for $25/night, which includes docking, electricity, pump out, and water. 
No showers, and no laundry, but it’s ok. We’ve been wearing only two sets of clothes
the entire way so not much to clean. :) Don’t want to get too close to us at this point!!

We went out to dinner with our (daughter-in-law) mom and friend last night. Had a great time.
Fun folks! This morning our DIL is coming to pick us up and take us back to Baton Rouge to their place. 

We’re going to borrow one of their cars to drive over to Kemah to pick up our car...
then we’ll turn around and come right back. Will be a long day!
I have to say, this sailing life is agreeing with me so far. I enjoyed our trip across the gulf very much! 
Just to be able to see the Milky Way and all the millions of stars in the night sky was worth it all, for me. 
Incredible! Couldn’t get over how beautiful the sky was during the nights out there. 
We will probably be leaving Houma in about 4 days. Our SPOT Tracker will be off and we'll turn it back on once we get moving again.  Cheers and fare winds to you all!!

On our last night in Kemah, it was as if the marina was giving us a gift. The last sunset for us here was something out of a fantasy. Goodbye, Kemah, goodbye our friends!!
Last Sunset in Kemah


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    1. Thanks, Jaye! It's good to finally be where we've wanted to be for the past 3 years! Hope to meet up with you someday!